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Fourlines Book, cover 1

Image of Fourlines Book, cover 1


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4 different covers available.
17x20 cm
144 pages.

Four Lines polaroid project, an emotional trip of experimentation through Scandinavia.

4 photographers
24 days
9000 km
100 hours of driving
3 lost cameras
108 animals encountered
2 ships followed
18 beds changed
0 bidet found

The project we made is based on a photography “on the road” trip (“trip” mean as “dimension”), with the exclusive using of the instant photography language (polaroid); we had Scandinavia for destination, that represented a completely different reality from our usual landscapes: white, pure, geometric, clean.
The idea was to tell through images the sharing of a unique space-time, from 4 different points of view, marked and different between them, having common travels, but also individual for colours, feelings and point of view.

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